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Bicycle and components for sale, three sets

Bicycle and components for sale, three sets

I used to ride with the Randonneurs of Ontario club. Some of the equipment I’m selling was purchased specifically for rides with this club. I have purchased a new bicycle with disc brakes, and thru-axels. I am sadly parting with the following equipment because it is not compatible with my new bike.

There are three sets of items I am selling:

1.       Specialized Tarmac Quick Step Expert, 2007, 54cm, with race wheels, $1500

2.       Special equipment (wheels, battery/charger, and light) for long distance riding, $400

3.       Training wheels, $300

All wheels (6 total) are equipped for rim brakes. All rear wheels come with a 10 speed cassette, with conventional teeth arrangements, either 12-27 or 11-28.

posted @ Saturday, March 21, 2020 10:28 PM by Richard Rogers

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